I have been a breeder for 11 years and it is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Yet I am committed to this journey and I am continually in awe of how much time effort and dedication is required. There is a code of ethics which I take seriously and I not only breed carefully but ask my puppy owners to support my breeding by doing clearances on their pups. So far Cara, my foundation bitch, had three healthy litters, her daughter, Pinky, carried on with her three litters, Pinky’s daughter, Gwen, has had one litter, and Gwen’s daughter, Babe, has had one litter. If God is good and the winds blow in my favor I will continue to breed litters of healthy long lived puppies with wonderful temperaments who will bring joy and good things to many people. 

A sad Day

Sometimes being a trainer is no fun at all. A very nice young woman approached me recently and asked for some help with her young Lab mix (if I had to guess LabxHusky). Just said she wanted him to be trained to be more obedient. So today was his first day of daycare and train. […]

News 2010-2020

Coronavirus Quarantine 2020 It has been quiet here- business essentially shut since March. Now it’s June time to get going again. Starting a small free-of-charge class for young folks 7-17 to train their dogs. In Hillsdale FMI norahayes3@aol.com October 2019 New litter on the ground. Six boys and four girls. Healthy and vigorous. Here is link […]