Hayes HappyDog


Hayes HappyDog Day Care Boarding &Training Center offers very special services for dogs and their owners. Our boarding, day care, and training services are customized to meet the needs of your pet. 

Cara, Blue, and Pinky


We are a small, non-commercial, home-based provider of services to dogs and their families. Our center is designed to offer a variety of services to just a few dogs at a time. We get to know you and your pet very well, and we can customize a plan specific to its needs. Whether it is a puppy needing exercise and socialization or an adult or adolescent needing better manners. We also specialize in working with shy and fearful dogs. The owner and proprietor is Nora Hayes, MSW, a local dog trainer and canine behavioral expert who personally supervises daily operations and conducts the training classes.

The day care and boarding are housed in a home environment just outside of Great Barrington, MA. Set up specifically for the purpose of keeping dogs in a safe, clean, and well-organized center. The entrance is double gated to provide safe access for pets entering and leaving care. The day care is divided into separate areas to allow small, large and special needs dogs to be grouped with compatible “playmates”. There is easy access to large outside play yards.

The mission and purpose of Hayes HappyDog Day Care & Boarding is to provide a full, active day of supervised activities, socialization, and learning for the special pets in our care. We pay close attention to the personality and temperament of each and every dog and plan their daily activities according to their individual needs. For example, while one dog will be willing, ready, and able to play with his “buddies” all day, that might be too much stimulation altogether for a more shy and retiring dog who requires more frequent time-outs to regroup. While supervision and socialization is conducted as a regular component of day care, additional training is available and may be purchased at the owner’s request.