Dusty’s Second Litter and Babe’s First

July 2021

A long hiatus. COVID shut us down. Coming back with a bang- TWO litters due the first week of August YIKES!!

Here are links to litters:

Dusty X Brewster-puppies will be handsome, tremendous stable temperament, Lovely family dogs. 3 Girls 4 Boys. https://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=1091290

Babe X Sammy-this is a breeding of 2 active, spirited dogs-still will be wonderful house dogs but need an active life. Hunting, agility, obedience, hiking etc. 1 Boy 4 Girls. https://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=1114296

We are very proud to announce a very special litter!  We have 4 females and one male. Handsome vigorous pups with lovely heads and sturdy bodies. I have been watching Sammy for a while and have been impressed by his proven working ability combined with his good looks. He has proven to be a terrific working dog and is major pointed in the breed ring. An unusual and valuable combination of looks and talent. Babe is my young up-and-coming female- she is in field training and doing well and has become a wonderful mom to her litter. Her line is strongly influenced by the wonderful Yogi (an OTCH CH Master Agility dog). I believe these pups will be outstanding family companions and working dogs. I am looking for committed owners who want a well-bred, handsome pup with the talent and ability to excel in field, agility, breed, tracking and any other venue.

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