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The clear advantages for pets participating in a day care program are the healthy benefits of daily exercise, stimulation, and socialization in an active and dynamic environment. Day care dogs, under supervision, will spend time both indoors and outdoors playing and socializing with dogs of like size and disposition.

Daycare Hours of Operation Weekdays 9AM – 5PM


Social dogs play outdoors with other dogs all day and go into their kennels to sleep at night. We are small, home-based, and non-commercial which means that we don’t lock up and go home at night.

Drop-off and pick-up are by reservation only. If pick-up is prior to 11AM then another night will not be charged.


Hayes HappyDog Training Center appeals to all ages and level of dog ownership, from the pet owner who wants their dog to come when called, to the training enthusiast looking for that elusive competitive edge. Training and home-visits are conducted year-round. Different dogs learn at different speeds. This has very little to do with breed type, and everything to do with the uniqueness of each dog, the commitment of each owner, and the life experiences brought to the training arena. Likewise, the enthusiasm with which the owner embraces this sport will contribute significantly to the outcome for the dog and the handler. 

We offer a variety of training classes including group classes, private classes, or home-visits. For an additional fee, dogs can receive training during daycare or boarding.

To learn about our training philosophy and class offerings please: