Raising a Healthy Dog


Feed the best food you can afford-raw is best (contains all of the essential enzymes and minerals etc baked out of kibble.

If you feed kibble DO NOT feed kibble from the supermarket. DO look at the list of ingredients- if corn or by products are in the first three, you are basically feeding corn flakes.

Supplement- human-grade Salmon oil and good quality vitamin with Powerful anti-oxidants.

Your dog needs to grind and chew to have healthy teeth-I feed raw meaty bones weekly, they keep the teeth sparkly clean. Beware of rawhide chews, antlers etc-especially Greenies- manufactured treats with harmful ingredients.

Minimimal chemical load = defense against cancer

Vaccinations- less is better. After puppy vaccinations do a titer (blood test) every 3-5 years. ONLY required vaccine is Rabies- there is no other necessary core vaccine.

Beware of a Vet pushing multiple vaccines annually- the science is in, once puppy shots are done your dog is immunized for life.

House cleaning- NO lysol, bleach, carcinogenic agents. Use good old soap and water.

NO chemicals on the lawn, also avoid golf courses etc-usually treated with heavy-duty chemicals.

Flea/Tick preventatives- make sure to give your dog at least a few months off. Year-round gives his system no chance to clear out the chemical load. My sensitive dog is never treated with Advantix/Frontline etc. I spray with Wondercide daily.

A Natural Life

Just like us- exercise daily, preferably off-leash so they can use their body without constraint.

Teach your dog to walk off-leash with you in safe woods or fields.

Use a good quality daycare with a small number of dogs who are well-supervised. Beware of large commercial daycares- too many dogs equals too much arousal and rough play.

Dog Parks- usually just terrible for your dog. Big dogs bullying small dogs, etc. People who haven’t the slightest idea of polite dog behavior or just ignoring their dogs. A quick way to make your dog not like other dogs.

Crating is fine but any more than several hours a day is too much.

Invest time and energy in playing/training/keeping them involved and interested- a bored dog is a destructive unhappy dog.