Gwen’s First Litter

October 2018

Gwen is expecting her first litter in November. This is my first completely home based breeding. The sire is Blue and the strongest genetic influence behind the pups is Cara who just sailed through her senior panel at almost 12 (and went on a pheasant hunt yesterday and flushed and retrieved her bird). Here is the link to the breeding: tuned for more news.

February 2018

Oh my, time flies, Gwen has her eye clearance and goes for her heart next weekend. Finally hips and elbows in August and we’re good to go for a September breeding. She also picked up her first award ribbon at the Southern Berkshire GRC annual banquet (her Canine Good Citizen and Novice Trick title).  She is smart, pretty and we are having fun!
Pinky’s beautiful puppy Gwen from her 2016 litter is growing up smart and full of mischief. She is a hoot! Her pedigree listed below. If she passes her clearances she will be bred to Blue this fall. Here is test breeding: am expecting lovely, spirited pups with outstanding temperaments.  

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