Cara’s Last Litter and Pink’s (surprise) First


Wow time goes by! My pup from the litter, Sullivan, is now 6 months old. Happy and healthy and picking up Pheasants and Ducks already! The rest are with wonderful families-spirited and handsome pups!


Puppy update-we are very lucky to have healthy beautiful puppies-2 litters 2 moms. Cara my 6 year old, had her singleton pup on Thursday, February 7th A planned breeding and a lovely female puppy. Here is the link to the breeding info: 

5 days before Cara’s pup arrived her daughter Pink, not to be outdone by Mom, produced a litter of 7 pups–one male and 6 females. Definitely NOT a planned breeding and a big worry to me based on Pink’s young age. As the litter grew up (and by the way, we shared pups, Cara’s single pup was soon joined by several of Pink’s litter-a fact that did NOT please Pink who was very sure all of the pups belonged only to her!) I was delighted to see that the puppies were terrific-active healthy growing by leaps and bounds and Pink in spite of her age settled into being a wonderful Mom. Big relief. Now, at 4 weeks, the puppies are developing nicely and are beautiful. Pedigree for this litter, a mating of Pink with her half brother Blue (same Mom different fathers): Deposits and reservations on the pups are coming in and we will be fully reserved soon. (The little gal with the brown collar in Pink’s litter will be staying with me).  

February 12, 2013

We got our puppies!! SEVEN beautiful girls and one lonely boy  

December 2012

Cara will be bred this weekend (December 9th) one last time to the sire of her last litter, Sutton. To see pedigree please see “News” page on this web site. The repeat breeding will hopefully produce puppies as smart and handsome as the “Fab 5”. Those puppies are 11 months old now-my Pinkie has won or placed in a number of breed matches and Puppy stakes(she LOVES her birdies) and her brother in W VA Cooper has his Rally Novice title and 3 legs towards his Junior Hunter. VERY smart and accomplished pups so we’re hoping for more of the same!Puppies will be born in February, ready to go home in April.

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