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We are very proud to announce a very special litter! 
Here is the link to the breeding:
We have 4 females and one male
Handsome vigorous pups with lovely heads and sturdy bodies
I have been watching Sammy for a while and have been impressed by his proven working ability combined with his good looks. He has proven to be a terrific working dog and is major pointed in the breed ring. 
An unusual and valuable combination of looks and talent.
Babe is my young up and coming female-she is in field training and doing well and has become a wonderful mom to her litter. Her line is strongly influenced by the wonderful Yogi (an OTCH CH Master Agility dog).
I believe these pups will be outstanding family companions and working dogs. I am looking for committed owners who want a well bred, handsome pup with the talent and ability to excel in field, agility, breed, tracking and any other venue.
Please send inquiries to me at norahayes3@aol.com

Babe X Sammy Pup
lovely head and expression
Babe in the field

Sammy in profile

July 2021
Puppies coming! Please see puppy page

Coronavirus Quarantine 2020
It has been quiet here-business essentially shut since March. Now it's June time to get going again. Starting a small free of charge class for young folks 7-17 to train their dogs. 
In Hillsdale FMI norahayes3@aol.com

October 2019
New litter on the ground. Six boys and four girls. Healthy and vigorous. Here is link to breeding : http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=984688
Both sire and dam are gentle laid back Goldens with outstanding temperaments.
The dam is my Blue's daughter, the sire is owned by Jennifer Lawton, Cabochon Goldens, and he is a lovely older gent.

September 2019
Cara is 12 and doing well, Blue is 9 and sired a beautiful litter last year. Gwen is three and her daughter Babe is one. I lost Pinky, Gwen's mother in August and it is still really difficult to talk about the loss. We fought her Lymphoma diagnosis for a year and a half and I am grateful for the time I had with her.  She was a unique, quirky, spunky girl with a big personality. I see much of her carried on in Gwen and Babe.

October 2018
Wonderful news
All the kids are doing well, Cara is 11 Blue is 8 , Pinky is 6 and Gwen is 2. 
Gwen is expecting her first litter in November. This is my first completely home based breeding. The sire is Blue and the strongest genetic influence behind the pups is Cara who just sailed through her senior panel at almost 12 (and went on a pheasant hunt yesterday and flushed and retrieved her bird).
Here is the link to the breeding: http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=787443
Stay tuned for more news.

September 2018
Pinky is done with avery aggressive course of chemotherapy and now I can focus on getting her well again. She is a bit frail but her blood work is good and she is eating well. So now we return her to good health and pray to God for time for her.

May 2018
Just a really tough month-Pinky at 6 diagnosed with Lymphoma-Finding the right treatment and making sure she gets it is my total focus.

May 2017
Quick update. All is well. Sully went to a new home when she turned 2. She was not getting along with her mom Pink. So now Cara is 10, Blue is 7 and Pink is 5. Baby Gwen is 9 months. More to come but I have been busy and productive but my web site is sure neglected!

January 29, 2015
Cara is rehabbing from a shoulder injury and we are back doing therapy work. We presented at  a local psychiatric facility yesterday and received this lovely note: "The event yesterday was so appreciated by all who attended. I will give you a call in the next week, but wanted you to know how much you and Kara uplifted the day of 10 patients".Many many thanks!
July 9, 2014
Time marches on, my puppy Sully from Pink's first litter is now almost 1 1/2! Pink has a new litter and is being a very good Mom. She got her WC (working certificate title) last fall picking up her Pheasant on land and her ducks on water. Her Mom, Cara is spayed after her last pup last year and we are full out competing in masters agility and having fun! Blue has his novice agility titles his JH and his WC, working on more titles with my adult dogs, we have fun training then testing out our skills. Meanwhile pups require a lot of time and energy!
March 4, 2013
How time flies--the pups are 4 weeks old and they have become a horde--Yikes--active, healthy and seeking new adventures at all times!! More info on puppy page
February 12, 2013 
Puppies!! we have beaurtiful puppies! Seven gorgeous girls and one boy.
One week old-healthy active and happy!!
December 5, 2012
My how time flies. The puppies from the last litter are 11 months old. Handsome healthy and VERY smart. I kept Pinkie who has won breed matches (she's pretty!) and brought back all of her Pheasants to win Puppy Stakes at the Southern Berkshire Golden Retriever Club Fall Fun Trial (she's smart and knows how to work!).
I love this litter and I am repeating the breeding. Cara will be bred one last time to Sutton, the sire.
Pedigree information:
January 13th 2011
Puppies are 4 weeks old already--happy and healthy.
Please go to link below to see them.
December 14,2011
Cara's puppies are here! We are lucky to have 5 beautiful babies-4 gals and one boy. All healthy and vigorous.
November 2011
So much good news!  Cara is confirmed pregnant today--at least 5 puppies!!
Due in December--ready to go home in February. We are expecting a lovely litter. Reservations and deposits being accepted now.
October 2011
BLUE did it--he is a Junior Hunter.  Mommie is very proud!!
September 8, 2011
Baby Blue has 3 Junior hunter legs--one more and he is a Junior Hunter!
This Sunday 9/11, Finn and I are going down to NYC to participate in a special ceremony honoring the dogs who served after the 9/11 attacks.  it is a great honor.
Please see Finn's page
July 20, 2011 
Since April things have looked up. 
Cara has finished her Open agility Titles with placements! 
And baby Blue has 2 Junior Hunter Ribbons!!
YAY Mom and son!
I love these kids of mine, handsome to look at and they can knuckle down and do the job!
April 19 2011
The news is not good--the breeding did not take and we will not have spring puppies--everyone is pretty bummed out.  We are getting back to getting on with things but it is a big disappointment.
March 7th 2011
Back from the specialty, Blue showed well, no ribbons this time,but his time will come! Finn, my old guy, did well, raced around the ring like a puppy and took Best Opposite Sex Veteran.
BIG NEWS---Cara is bred and we are hoping and praying for a litter.
Here is the breeding announcement:
Comstock Honora's Anam Cara RN JH NA NAJ OF WC CCA TDI  
was bred to
Goldtrak Steelecreek Classic VC,CD,WC, AX, OAJ, NF, TDI
Handsome, hard working puppies expected the first week of MAY.
Both parents CHIC. (all clearances)
Cara re-cerfed Dr Jurk 2/11/2011. (eye clearance)
This will be a very special litter. Cara's first litter is one year old now, nine handsome and healthy puppies.
This breeding is to my wonderful Conor, lost over a year ago. 
Due to the terrific reproductive services available now, Cara was surgically inseminated with Conor's frozen sperm on Saturday. 
So a chance to  bring offspring into the world with Conor's  looks and personality mixed with Cara's--these puppies should be stunning. 
February 14, 2011
Blue (11 months) and Finn (12 1/2 years) are entered in the Hudson Valley Golden Retriever Club Specialty on February 25th, we have high hopes for my promising youngster and my still feisty and animated veteran.
Blue and his mom,Cara, went to the specialist eye doctor last Friday and both passed their eye exam!
One of the very important clearances necessary to have a healthy and breedable dog.
Mom is getting close to being bred for the second time and we are all on pins and needles. This is a very special breeding to my wonderful boy Conor. He is no longer alive but we have enough frozen sperm for one breeding.
So, this is it, if it takes we should have terrific pups from beautiful multi-titled, exceptional parents.
If not, we have nothing left of him, to carry on his legacy, and I will be pretty sad I did not breed him earlier in his life.
December 21, 2010
We wish all our customers and friends a happy and healthy holiday and a wonderful New Year!
Blue entered his first big show with his Mom handling on December 11th in Providence RI and took second place! We were in the ring with pro handlers and he still almost took the Blue Ribbon--he is a stunning young dog and we are very proud of him!
November 9, 2010
What a great summer!
 is 8 months old now-good natured, handsome and strong.  He continues to do well at puppy matches but we are really concentrating on his field work and obedience. He tried for his first working field title (WC) at 6 months and failed in great style! (The very considerate judges set up the double with a water filled ditch in the middle so the dogs would not switch on the land double-guess who jumped into the ditch?! BLUE!)
We are continuing to train over the Winter and I feel confident he will be ready in the spring-he is birdy, fast, focused and fearless!
Finished her JH (Junior Hunter) in grand style--going 4 for 4.  She finished her Open FAST agility title the same way, qualifying in every run and placing, including 2 Blue Ribbons! She is a very special gal-smart, funny, athletic, very fanatical about her retrieving (less so about giving what she picks up to Mom!).  We are also closing in on her Open agility and Rally titles and we hope to have them soon as she will be bred in February to my Conor (lost a year ago to cancer, still missed terribly and we are lucky to have 2 breedings collected to use for this very special litter).
July 11, 2010
Lots of good stuff to report
All the pups went to wonderful homes-their pages will be on this web site soon.
I kept one little boy, his name is Honora's Divine Blue Boy "BLUE"
Today we went to our first puppy match and BLUE went best puppy in match from the 3-6 month puppy class!
Click on link below to see pix!
Not to be outdone his Mom trialed three days this July and won three ribbons:
  • A third her first time in Open FAST agility
  • Her first Junior Hunter Pass (her first time)
  • And, she won the Blue Ribbon for her first Novice Rally leg at the Big E July 9th (again the first time in the obedience ring ever!)
Cara was also awarded the Hudson Valley Golden Retriever Club's entry level agility trophy(MACH2 Cross Creek Swatch of Pebwin ADHF) for her ribbons in agility in 2009!
I am very proud of my wonderful talented dogs!
new pix of pups, go to:
"Puppy Open House Days" are set:
        • Sunday March 28th 3-5 PM
        • Sunday April 4th  1-3 PM (Easter)
        • Sunday April 11th 1-3 PM
3/19 The Puppies have teeth! Ouchie for Mom!
Some new pix (the first few are newborn and as you go through them the newest ones come up)
March 16th 2010
"The Divine Nine"
All Pups and Mom are doing well. The puppies are 2 weeks old. This is a vigorous and healthy litter. Mom takes very good care of them.
Some new Pix:
(hint click on pix to enlarge then click on slideshow)
March 1st, 2010 Whelping PICTURES!
February 28th: Cara's puppies are HERE!! We are very excited. The puppies came Sunday, March 28th. NINE of them!  6 girls and 3 boys. Mom and pups are all doing  fine.
 These should be terrific puppies-Mom is already proven as a working girl who can do the job in the field and in the agility ring and passed her therapy dog test with flying colors!
She's beautiful, she can work and she's got a lovely temperament, the whole package.
The sire is a lovely English looking blond boy bred by a well known and very successful breeder.
 Both Dad and Mom have all their clearances
Outstanding Pedigree Below
Cara X Squire


Overlooks A Gentlemans Report

Can. CH. Dewmist Davenport Can OS

Swed. SH CH/Norw. CH Marjamez Masterpiece

LPI Dewmist Dark'n Divine

Am CH Overlooks Soft Spring Sky BISS

Am./Can. CH. Amberac's Mesmerizing Mickey OS

Decoy's Summer Skye

Comstock Honora's Anam Cara WC NA NAJ TDI CCA

Am. CH OTCH CT; Can. CH Highmark Mirasol Once A Knight VCD4 UDX3 JH MX MXJ WC VCX OS SDHF OBHF

AM/MEX/AMS/WC CH Sheffield-Ducat's Spellbound SDHF, OS

Highmarks Pecos River Queen

Ch Comstock's Fire Opal

Am. Ch. Daybreak Varsity Jump OS

Comstock's Max's Parizade


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