Hayes Happy Dog Day Care Boarding & Training Center

  • By design we are small, home based and non-commercial .
  • We don't lock up and go home at night--this IS home.  
  • We take very few dogs for overnight, early reservations recommended.
  • Drop off and pick up by appointment only.
  • We are a  "green" facility.  (no harsh chemicals used ever).
  • If they are social** our boarding dogs play with other dogs all day and only go into their kennels to sleep at night (and they DO sleep).
  • Our model is much healthier and less stressful than the old fashioned kennel with dogs confined to runs all the time.
$40-50 per night usually all inclusive of all charges (note, during high season holidays and summer vacation we usually will charge the higher fee for short stays). For a week or more will be happy to discuss a discounted fee.

  •  Pick up in afternoon = another night charged
  • All reservations require a non refundable deposit of 1/2 the total charge.
Please ask about our "doggie boot camp" special intensive training packages while in day care and boarding.
**sigh...doesn't happen often but a family came to take their dog home today and expressed their disappointment in his care here. Unlike many other kennels I am always honest with families about their dog's behavior and their dog behaved in a way that made him unsafe with other dogs. His behavior was what I call...big dog body with puppy brain..one of the tough syndromes to handle in an open setting like mine. We work really hard with our young dogs to make sure they have good manners around people and other dogs so that by the time they are fully grown they can mainstream with a small play group. This is a fun and peaceful setting for boarding not a typical kennel but the requirement for the dogs that stay here is good manners. I will work with any owner that wants to improve their dog's behavior but the start is always an open and honest dialogue and a clear eyed look at the real dog in front of us-for some familes that is hard. Understandable but hard.


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