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Training Philosophy 
I have studied and practiced dog training for many years and if you asked me my training philosophy I would call myself a natural trainer. I try to teach and lead my dogs-I do not train by domination and commands. 
We are all so brainwashed that teaching a dog to obey commands-"down, sit, stay" (often spoken in a harsh voice) is what training is all about but it really is not.
Dogs learn best when we figure out how to communicate effectively with them and really teach them how to live in your home with your family and perhaps other dogs.
Good manners and really "listening" and paying attention when spoken to are essential.
If you teach your dog to listen and pay attention I can guarantee you the rest-sit down stay will be a piece of cake!

conducted a Canine Good Citizen test yesterday
and 2 lovely dogs passed:
Essay owned by Michelle and Brooklyn owned by Dana
The rest: Roxie, Izzie, Michael and Benny all showed great promise and will be sure to pass next time!
After the test I received this lovely compliment:
Dear Nora,

Thank you for the "quickie" lesson before the test yesterday-- I know 
it helped. And thank you for your eternal patience and kindness to 
dogs, and especially to their owners. I am proud that she passed the test despite her mother. 
It is very clear that I need training! But after taking the test with 
the others-- I realize that the owners are the ones who need MUCH 
more training than the dogs. (ie I am not alone).  You do an amazing 
job AND even more amazingly--you keep your sense of humor.

Fondly, Michelle and Essay

 Hayes HappyDog Training Center appeals to all ages and level of dog ownership, from the pet owner who wants "Missy" to come when called to the training enthusiast looking for that elusive competitive edge. Training and home-visits are conducted year-round.
Different dogs learn at different speeds. This has very little to do with breed type, and everything to do with the uniqueness of each dog, the commitment of each owner, and the life experiences brought to the training arena. Likewise, the enthusiasm with which the owner embraces this sport will contribute significantly to the outcome for the dog and the handler. Click here to view staff credentials.
 Class Descriptions
For puppies eight weeks to six months old. Beginning obedience and socialization. The emphasis is to start the puppy out right with a lot of attention training mixed with supervised play.
Big Puppy
For puppies one year and older. For owners who bypassed obedience and are now faced with an adolescent canine family member who misbehaves regularly! This class focuses on laying a firm foundation of obedience so owner and pet can enjoy life together.
Canine Good Citizen
For puppy and big puppy graduates. This class takes the participants through all of the steps necessary to pass the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test and earn an American Kennel Club (AKC) certificate.  
Therapy Dog
This is an advanced class for dogs and handlers who have achieved the CGC and are now ready to advance their training skills. Advanced handling and performance skills include food avoidance, ability to withstand clumsy petting and loud noises, dependable response to obedience commands while distracted  and 100% reliability from your therapy dog when handled by patients. Graduates of this class will be able to pass the therapy dog test and begin visiting hospitals, nursing homes, etc.
Reactive/Aggressive Dog
A small intensive class for dogs who have bitten other dogs or people. For most of these pets, this class is a last chance to stay with their families.Focus is on handling skills to distract the dog and diffuse 'firing' behavior when faced with a stimulating or fearful situation. 

Schedule and Fees

Home visits are also available for owners who can benefit from home-based instruction at a predefined time that is convenient. Sold in two-visit bundles at a cost of $200, the dog owner purchases an initial evaluation, training plan and return visit (usually in two weeks) to check on progress. Subsequent home visits are available by appointment. The intake visit includes a complete social and health history to include family dynamics. Trainer recommendations will include exercise and feeding as well as obedience.
Group Classes are four one hour sessions and cost $100
Private lessons on site are $50 per hour 

Rescued dogs may participate at discounted rates, based on owner's ability to pay

Walk-ins are allowed for all classes excluding the Reactive/Aggressive Dog class
$20 per class (please call first 413-528-0877 or contact us by email .)



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